Running a conference requires the collective effort and support from many individuals. As such, volunteers are just one of the many integral reasons as to what makes IGMUN such a successful conference every single year.

If you would like to help the fifth session of the Inter-Generational Model United Nations conference, here are some areas that you can consider volunteering your services:

Currently, we are looking for executive secretariat staff for IGMUN VII. Applying for this position means that you will be the understudy for the position in the IGMUN VI conference, as of now, we still have a few IGMUN VI secretariat positions available. Should you be interested in fulfilling one of these positions for IGMUN VI, please apply here. Deadline for this application will be March 30th.

Country Profiles
One of the unique aspects of IGMUN is the availability of customized country profiles for all of our delegates. Each delegate receives a short summarized information sheet about the country that he or she is representing, including some basic statistics, country history, country’s policy and relation to the topic, and some potential solutions. If you enjoy researching, this may be the perfect work for you!


In the instance that one of our chairs need to temporarily leave the room, we will need some volunteers who can fill in as a substitute chair until the chair returns. Volunteers who have MUN experience, strong command of room, and knowledge of parliamentary procedure are highly encouraged to sign up.


The logistics volunteer team can be expected to run a variety of requests over the course of the day. A few examples of tasks are guiding delegates to the registration room, delivering materials to committees, and posting signs to direct attendees.