Frequently Asked Questions

When is the registration deadline?

While we do take registration even until the day of conference, pre-registration (that is, online registration) will be available until the following deadline below. After registration closes, all individuals and teams will still be able to register at the door and will receive their country positions day of the conference. Along with the ease of online registration, some other benefits of early registration are discounted fees and ease of check-in. IGMUN operates on a first-come, first-serve basis for country and committee assignments, so if there is a particular country and committee you are eager to participate in please register early!

The registration fees are as follows:

UNA & AKA members – $35

Non-UNA/AKA members – $40

K-12 Students – $30

Registration Fees cover: Continental breakfast, lunch, and conference materials

*Students under 25 can get a free membership to UNA and save $5 on the Student price

*Only participants that have fully paid will receive committee assignments

Individual Registration Closes: Jan. 20, 2018
Group Registration Closes (Schools/MUN Groups): Jan. 20, 2018

Will the conference be hosted for individuals or teams?

The conference is hosted for both individuals and teams. A team allows a school, university, or organization to reserve committee topics and country positions without every member within their team pay at once and allows the team to coordinate their positions under one person. A team usually has one designated communicator with our organization. If a person wish to receive direct communication, they must register as an individual.

What are the registration fees?

There are two types of fees for groups:
Group Fee: A $50 fee for schools or organizations consisting of 5 delegates or more is applied, separate from individual fees. This fee will hold the country assignments until individuals in the group have paid. Groups should submit one consolidated payment.
Delegate Fee: Refer to the individual registration fees table.

After Jan. 20, no refunds for groups will be given.

How should I pay for registration?

Registration can be made online or through check. Please make all checks payable to “IGMUN” and sent to the following address:

PO Box 7002
Fremont, CA 94537

If there are any questions involving registration fees, please submit an email to

Do I need to submit a waiver?

Yes, everyone must submit a waiver in order to participate in the IGMUN conference. Students under 18 must also have their parent’s signature. The waiver can be accessed via our registration application, or by clicking on this link here.

Where can I submit my waiver?

There are three options to submit waivers. You can email them to, mail them to our address at PO Box 7002, Fremont, CA 94537, or submit them in person at conference registration. It is important to submit a waiver, or else you will be unable to participate in the IGMUN conference.

Will I be able to join if I never participated in MUN before?

Of course! IGMUN welcomes novices and newcomers, our conference will serve as an ideal introduction to Model UN for those who have never taken part, regardless of age or other factors. Our conference is aimed at being educational and informative, providing a positive experience for all of their experience level. As the first conference of the year for both the high-school and college circuits in North America, IGMUN is a perfect conference to bring new delegates to in order to show them what Model UN is all about.

Should I come if I'm an experienced MUN delegate?

Definitely, IGMUN will have committees with different levels of experience in order to keep the experienced MUN’ers engaged and interested. For these delegates, we will be providing more complex topics which require more MUN experience to properly address. It will also serve as a an opportunity to meet and debate with the delegates in the West Coast circuit..

Are there awards in IGMUN?

IGMUN’s philosophy is that the experience of Model UN serves as its own reward; making friends, learning about global politics, and passing comprehensive resolutions should be the overall goal of delegates. That being said, every delegate will receive a participation certificate and each committee’s dais will commend notable delegates who show excellent performance and growth throughout the Model UN experience.

What is a team?

Teams are encouraged if you wish to team participate in conferences with friends. It allows you to choose and reserve your priorities early.

Can I register and indicate my priorities later?

No, because committee priorities are a part of the registration and payment reserves your priorities.

Can I be an observer?

No experience is necessary to participate in IGMUN; it is a learning conference so we encourage everybody to participate as a delegate.

Where should I park for the conference

Unfortunately, there is no parking on campus unless you have a permit. However, there are many garages such as the Bancroft Parking Structure and RSF Parking Lot. They are tagged as gray boxes on the map located here.