Committee Topics

IGMUN VII Theme: A Time for Action

The world has just made its biggest ever promise to itself. Our leaders have agreed to 17 Global Goals that would mean a better life for all of us. A plan that 193 governments have agreed, a plan that the world wants and needs. A plan backed by leading business and organizations. They would virtually end extreme poverty, fight inequality and injustice, and tackle climate change in the next 15 years. They are the biggest attempt in the history of the human race to make the world a better place. A to-do list for the planet that will only be achieved if everyone plays their part.

IGMUN uses the global goals as the theme for our conference. Below are the are provisional topics for IGMUN 2017.  All are timely and important.  The list may be slightly narrowed and topic descriptions adjusted by April 1 when registration and priorities can be indicated by participants. 

Committee Topics

Stopping Global Health Crises
Global Goals #3: Good Health and Well-being (WHO)
Target – By 2030, reduce by one-third premature mortality from non-communicable diseases through prevention and treatment and promote mental health and well-being.
What measures are needed to prevent or limit new global epidemics?  What programs need improvement to halt the resurgence of preventable diseases, e.g. HIV/AIDS, malaria, polio; or other health crises, e.g. collapse of effective antibiotics?


Trade and Development to Benefit All
Global Goals #1, 8, 10, 12: No Poverty, Economic Growth, Reduced Inequalities, and Responsible Consumption (Word Trade Organization – WTO)
Target – 

What new policies or amended programs are needed to ensure mutually international trade that benefits all countries’ development, and their goal to alleviate poverty, create employment, and attain better equity?

Combatting Extremism and Violence 
Global Goals #16: Peace and Justice (Security Council)
Target –

What policies and collaborative programs are most needed, or what priority measures are needed to improve the effectiveness of present resolutions and programs, particularly to reduce violent extremism that targets civilians and which cause the record-setting humanitarian crisis and refugees?

Halting Proliferation and Weapons of Mass Destruction among states or non-state entities
Global Goals #16: Peace and Justice (Security Council)
Target – 

What measures or agreements are still needed?


Internet Security
Global Goals #16: Peace and Justice (International Telecommunications Union – ITU)
Target – 
Reducing destabilization, insecurity and the right to privacy from hacking, espionage and illegal electronic activities.

Climate Change & Refugees 
Global Goals #13: Climate Action (Joint Commission of UN Environment Program – UNEP & UN High Commission for Refugees – UNHCR)
Target – 

Measures to halt environmental consequences of climate change – floods & sea-level rise, drought, food shortages – that already cause climate refugees; and cooperation to support/receive affected people.

Stopping Human Trafficking
Global Goals #5, 16: Gender Equality & Peace and Justice (Joint Commission of UN Human Rights Commission – UNHRC & UN Office on Crimes and Drugs – UNOCD)
Target – 

Additional collaboration needed to combat trafficking of women and men for sex and labor.

Supporting Refugees and Displaced Persons in Humanitarian Crisis
Global Goals #1, 2, 3, 4, 16, 17: No Poverty, No Hunger, Good Health, Quality Education, Peace and Justice, & Partnerships for the Goals (UN High Commission for Refugees – UNHCR)
Target – 

How to improve health, education, basic services to refugees in camps.  To consider elements for an international treaty to improve global resettlement programs.


Accessing Safe Drinking Water – as a basic need and human right
Global Goals #6: Clean Water and Sanitation (UN Water – Inter-agency organization for all freshwater issues)
Target – 

International cooperation and national actions to ensure sustainable quality and quantity of water, considering conservation, shared technology, water supply collaboration for international rivers and lakes, etc.