Conference Information

This year, Inter-Generational Model United Nations Conference will be hosted at the First Presbyterian Church of Berkeley on January 12th, 2019.

IGMUN (Intergenerational Model United Nations) was created so that everyone can provide their insight, opinion, and solution to the topic and not just UN ambassadors. With the help of UNAB, we hope to provide an immersive environment where people can learn about how United Nation solves international issues. IGMUN is an authentic simulation of the United Nations. It is a one day program created by the United Nations Association USA, Northern California Division. Northern California has had a long standing history with the United Nations. In 1945, it was the birthplace of the UN with the charter signed in San Francisco. This region has a reputation for being socially aware and globally active on modern day issues. Northern California is home to some of the most active NGOs and corporations in the world. With such cutting edge developments that has a major influence on the rest of the world, the UNA NorCal serves to provide the public with information and events surrounding the United Nations and global affairs. The organization is dedicated to educating, inspiring and mobilizing Americans to support the principles and vital work of the United Nations. IGMUN is one of the many events the organization hosts in hopes of bringing and increasing global awareness on current issues.

The first IGMUN conference took place at the San Francisco World Affairs Council, followed by the Alameda Science Technology Institute, then at the California State University of San Francisco, where over 400 people combined participated in the event. This year’s 5th annual conference will take place at six different locations nationally, one of which is at the University of California Berkeley on October 10, 2015. Over 400 people alone are expected to participate. IGMUN continues to grow nationally due to its noncompetitive, intergenerational, and educational nature. IGMUN is designed as a teaching and learning conference and is intended for both novices and delegates with prior Model UN experience. Participants will strengthen their problem solving skills to real-world challenges. This year, IGMUN will offer 8 committees on a variety of topics relevant to the international community.