Rashida Haveliwala

IGMUN Director

Rashida received her Bachelors in history from San Francisco State University and her Masters in Curriculum and Instruction at the University of the Pacific. Rashida started with the Model United Nations program as a delegate when she was in the 9th grade. As a high school social science teacher for the last thirteen years, she has started several Model United Nations programs across the bay area as a coach and advisor and has been the director for IGMUN for the last eight years. She has developed several programs and academic items for the UNA to use to help spread with word about the UN. Currently, she serves on the UNA USA National Council, and was recently elected President of the UNA Northern California Division and President of the local Silicon Valley Chapter. She is currently a Title I Specialist at Walters Junior High School in the Fremont Unified School District. She spends her free time being an event planner for weddings and plays with her three rambunctious boys!

      Kevin Zamzow-Pollock

      Director of Logistics

      Kevin Zamzow-Pollock serves as the Director of Logistics for IGMUN. His job is to oversee the running of the conference, manage setting up and cleaning up the facility, and generally making sure everything functions smoothly. Along with the Director of Internal Affairs, he is responsible for the preparation of conference materials, including topic synopses and country profiles. Kevin also serves as Co-Director of Logistics for the United Nations Association at UC Berkeley, where he studies Sustainable Environmental Design. Although Kevin has been involved with Model UN and the United Nations Association for many years, he has no intention of working in international affairs in the future. His chosen profession is urban planning, particularly the field of transportation, which itself has no shortage of logistical difficulties.

          Evelyn Riley

          Director of Registration

          Evelyn Riley is Director of Registration for IGMUN. She handles online registration responsibilities, from website maintenance to attendee coordination. While she is new to the United Nations she has always been an advocate of human right. Evelyn is a native of Colombia, it is her hometown that has inspired her to pursue a career in healthcare. She is currently studying Public Health and Global Studies at UC Berkeley. Her hope is to implement and expand healthcare programs in developing countries, starting with their education reforms. Evelyn is a member of her college chapter of UNA and is excited to see were that takes her.

              Mariya Katsman

              Director of External Affairs

              I am a junior at UC Berkeley, majoring in Global Studies: Peace and Conflict, with a concentration in Middle Eastern studies. I grew up in Ukraine, and came to years ago to pursue educational and career opportunities in the United States two years ago. I am passionate in the values of the United Nations, such as human rights and sustainable development, and hope to contribute to its work upon my graduation. I am a board member of the UNA East Bay and a UNA Human Rights Fellow which allows me to bring the values I care about to my community. I am a Director of External Affairs for IGMUN this year. My job is to ensure proper communication with past and perspective attendees; as well as, contact and coordinate with potential donors, speakers, and committee advisers. I am very glad to join the team to make IGMUN VII amazing!

                Murtaza Munaim

                Under-Secretary-General of Conference Services

                Hey, my name is Murtaza Munaim. I am a programmer working in the East Bay. I work on the technology side of things here, and hope that navigability and functionality of registration this year is straightforward and featureful. I am also the ITU committee chair. I hope you learn a lot this year.

                  Abizer Lokhandwala

                  Under-Secretary-General of Finance and Logistics